What is an oximeter and why should you own one?

What is an oximeter? Well, an oximeter is a device that measures your heart rate and your oxygen saturation which refers to how much oxygen is carried by the hemoglobin in your blood. By clipping it onto your finger, small beams of light pass through the blood in the finger, measuring the amount of oxygen.

It helps you in tracking if your heart rate and oxygen saturation are too low, too high, or just at normal levels. If your oxygen saturation is below 94% it will beep as a warning. The same goes when your heart rate is below 50 or above 130.

The real question is:
why should you get one? And why should you consider our OXI-33?

It measures your Respiratory Rate and Perfusion Index

Yes, you heard it right! Our OXI-33 not only measures your heart rate and oxygen saturation but also your Respiratory Rate and Perfusion Index.

You might be asking, what is the Respiratory Rate and Perfusion Index? Why are these features so nice to have?

Respiratory Rate

  • It is the number of breaths a person takes per minute. This is measured by counting how many times the chest rises in a minute when a person is at rest.
  • Normal Respiratory rate ranges from 12 - 16 breathe per minute, and it increases with fever, illness, and other medical conditions.
  • It helps you with breathing exercises, as some people want to breathe less per minute for mindfulness. It can also help you calm down since you're focused on lowering your breaths per minute.

Perfusion Index

  • Or PI indicates the strength of the blood flow in the extremity or body part where it is measured.
  • A PI is considered healthy between 0.3-20%.
  • PI measurements may be valuable in the early detection of obstruction in the heart. For the OXI-33 it is more of a double-check to see if the device can measure well.
  • It also indicates that your fingers are cold and the signal is low

The screen rotates left, right, and vertically

The screen rotates! Which helps your hand to be in a comfortable position while our OXI-33 measures your vitals. You do not have to bend your hand or neck in weird angles to have a better look at the screen.

If you want to use your right hand, you can choose Select mode “R”. The screen will now rotate and it will be easier for you to read using your right hand. The same goes if you are going to use your left hand, just choose Select mode “L”. If you are more comfortable using the screen vertically, then choose Select mode “V”.

An oximeter for the active person

Most oximeters can only be used when you are at rest for at least 30 minutes, but our OXI-33 is designed to be used by active people.

You can use it after doing the sport or activity that you love to measure your heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and your perfusion index.

It will beep as a warning if your body oxygen drops at 94% or lower. It will also beep if your heart rate is below 50 or above 130. And another cool feature of our OXI-33 is that these alarms can be changed and turned off! You can adjust its parameters on the level you prefer.

Also, our OXI-33 does not just give you one end result, it measures continuously! As long as it is clipped onto your finger, it will update its calculations in real-time to show immediate readings.

But do not be confused! You can also use our OXI-33, even when you are at rest and not doing any sports or activities. You can still continue to track your heart rate, body oxygen, respiratory rate, and perfusion index.


If you are looking for an oximeter that works for you, consider trying our OXI-33! Your order is safe thanks to our 100-days full refund policy. 

Our high-end oximeter is available in our own online shop and on Amazon!

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