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Community Resources for Independence

After reaching out to iProven I felt relieved. They made the process and purchasing so simple. They helped us out on pricing and for being a non-profit. The thermometers were shipped and delivered within days! I would highly recommend this company to anyone. I am so glad we got a chance to work with them.”
-Sarah Pettys from

California Rural Indian Health Board Inc.

“Thank you again iProven for your patience from day one and for always keeping me aware of any changes, delivery status, shortages, etc. Your professional work ethics are superior. Such a pleasure working with you and your team!” 
-Michelle Thomas from

About Private Label and Co-branding with iProven

FIGS approached iProven for a batch of 10,000 premium-quality oximeters. They had the awesome idea to give away an oximeter with every order on their website. They let us know that they would like to include both their logo and the iProven logo on the device, manual, and packaging.

We helped FIGS throughout the entire process, from manufacturing to delivery at FIGS’ doorstep. [Read on]

Would you like to partner up with us too? Don’t hesitate to share your Private label /Co branding ideas and wishes with us - everything is possible!

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✓ Original Design Manufactured
✓ Free Detailed Instructional Manuals & Videos
✓ FDA Approved Products Only

We shipped over 3.500.000 orders worldwide.

High-quality products and empowering information still define the success of our company.
After our success in the thermometer market, products in new branches were launched: our Blood Pressure Monitors, Pulse Oximeters & TTC products are helping people all over the world understand their medical condition. At iProven R&D we are continuously improving and updating our products to meet the latest technology standards in our markets.
We are proud to be mentioned by some of USA's biggest blogs & articles.

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Business Insider

The iProven thermometer is remarkably easy to use and designed for use on adults, kids, and babies. It's our pick for The Best Thermometer Overall."
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Tom's Guide

"The iProven works quickly. Testers results were nearly instantaneous. The iProven has enough flexibility to make it our pick for the best thermometer."
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"Squirming kids are no match for the iProven DMT-489 thermometer. This is our pick as Best Thermometer for Kids in 2020."
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The Bump

"When you have a sick baby on your hands, the last thing you want to deal with is trying to take baby’s temperature. The iProven gets it done fast—and with accuracy."
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Digital Trends

The digital display is large and super easy to read, which is great for when you’re feeling woozy."
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New York Times

"Our Recommended Overall Ear & Forehead Thermometer in 2020."
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CNN Underscored

"If you want a thermometer for every member in your family to use, then the iProven No-Touch Thermometer fits the bill."
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Mom Loves Best

"This is our Pick for the Best Digital Basal Thermometer. It comes with high precision, all inclusive good package value."
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Verywell Familty

"If you want an accurate reading, reach for this rectal thermometer from iProven. It's our pick for best budget thermometer of 2021."
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship overseas?
Yes we ship all over the world.

What shipping carriers do you use?
We are partnered with FedEx, DHL, UPS & USPS.

How long will the shipment take?
This depends on the order quantity. Roughly 2-5 days for <2000 units in USA

What are your shipping methods?
Expedited Shipping, Priority Shipping & Economy International

Where are your products being stored?
New York, Denver, Houston & Vegas

What's inside the box of iProven products?
Our products come with an instruction manual, quick start guide and a 365-day-extra-warranty card. Some products come with soft/hard storage casings.

How many unique products does iProven have?
23+ Thermometers
7+ Blood Pressure Monitors
6+ Pulse Oximeters
6+ Fertility Products

Where do you sell your products?
On Amazon, Walmart and Ebay

For how long does iProven exist?
Since 2013. Our story is on the about us page.

How many people are working at iProven?
40+ Worldwide (USA, Netherlands, Philippines, China & Israël)

In how many countries are you operating?
We are operating in 237 countries and regions

How many products have you sold?
Over 7.500.000 units in total

With who will I be in close contact?
You will be in close contact with our B2B Account manager and Inventory Planner.

Can I have a video call with you?
Yes of course! Fill in the contact form and we will arrange a video call.