We are iProven: a couple of young health experts and enthusiasts, who aim at developing health devices that make sense. Our tools give you vital insights into your health. On top of that, we give you the information you need to recover and stay healthy.

For us, that’s not extra. We consider it normal.

Overview of our iProven thermometer collection such as Baby thermometers, Oximeters and wide range of digital thermometers

Our Story

It all started when we discovered — the hard way — how uncomfortable thermometers were for our newborns. We decided it was time to take matters in our own hands, time to change the market, time to develop our first ear and forehead thermometers.

Months passed, fever algorithms got tweaked, sales went up. Time for a little sister: our TTC Products, helping couples to get insights into their fertility and ovulation pattern. Soon, other products were added, ranging from Blood Pressure Monitors to Oximeters.

Lab & Family Tested

Health Products have to comply with the regulations of the FDA and safety measures. But at iProven, we take things a step further: Our products also have to withstand the ‘family test.’ We take our test models home to try & test them in everyday life.

Only if they pass the family test, we know our products are comfortable, easy to use and reliable. That’s the moment we bring them to the market, so you can enjoy their simplicity and ease of use.

Our Promise

We understand reliability is key. That’s why you’re protected by our policy. When you order one of our products, you’re covered by a 30 day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.