We are iProven: a team of health experts and enthusiasts, going all out to create professional medical devices accessible for everyone. Checking your own health shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we develop high-quality products with step-by-step instructions.

People come first and usability is the key.
Overview of our iProven thermometer collection such as Baby thermometers, Oximeters and wide range of digital thermometers

Our Story

It all started when we discovered the hard way how uncomfortable thermometers were for our own newborns. Parents have to deal with enough already and shouldn’t have to worry about uncomfortable thermometers or complicated manuals. We decided to take matters into our own hands and developed our first ear and forehead thermometer.

Months later, we tweaked the fever algorithm and sales went up. We launched a new branch: our TTC products, helping couples get insights into their fertility and ovulation pattern. Other products were added soon after, ranging from blood pressure monitors to oximeters.

Lab & Family Tested

All our health products comply with the regulations of the FDA and safety measures. At iProven we take it a step further: our products have to pass the “Family Test”. We take our test models home to try and test them in our daily lives.

If it survives the family test, we know the product is comfortable, easy to use and reliable. Only then we add the product to our ever growing selection.

Our Promise

At iProven, reliability is highly valued. Which is why any purchase is protected by our 100-days, full refund policy. No questions asked!