How To Choose The Right Thermometer For You

Choosing the right thermometer ain’t easy. If you’ve ever done a search on Amazon, you know what I’m talking about. The search results show you hundreds, if not thousands, of different options. From flexible thermometers designed for babies to rectal thermometers designed for pets—Amazon has it all. It makes it impossible to navigate the labyrinth of Amazon’s thermometers.

The thermometers iProven has to offer can roughly be divided into 4 categories: 

  • The BBT Thermometer
  • The Contact Thermometer
  • The Non-Contact Thermometer
  • The Digital Thermometer

If you know what kind of thermometer you need, Amazon’s intricate maze of thermometers suddenly starts to make sense. Knowing what to look for in a thermometer is the first step. Do you need a thermometer for your newborn or a grownup? Do you need a thermometer that measures in less than 5 seconds or one that measures slowly? 

So much to pay attention to! All the different functionalities serve a purpose. Know what is the right fit for you with the guide “How To Choose The Right Thermometer For You.” Download it here.

Need a little preview? Here’s one thermometer for every category of thermometers I gave previously. 

  1. The BBT Thermometer — BBT-271 A
    If you and your hubby want to plan your family naturally, this is the thermometer for you. As a TTC mom, it will give you a clear overview of your cycle and help you to indicate your ovulation.

  2. The Contact Thermometer — DMT-489
    This thermometer is a must in a household with young children. It has a built-in fever indicator and a backlight display. It makes measuring the temperature of your kids easy peasy under any circumstances. You’ll have a good idea of the situation at hand. 

  3. The Non-Contact Thermometer — NCT-336 BLU
    If you have a wiggly baby in your household, this thermometer is for you. Unlike traditional thermometers, this one doesn’t require contact with the skin. With the additional function of muting the sound, it’s great to use this thermometer when your baby is asleep and you still need to measure baby’s temperature.

  4. The Digital Thermometer — DTR-1221
    This thermometer has the best of both worlds. Its measuring time is as short as possible without compromising its accuracy. In a household of grownups and kids, it’s a thermometer that serves all purposes. (Don’t forget to add a pack of probe covers if multiple people use the same thermometer.) 
View the complete guide “How To Choose The Right Thermometer For You.”