Answering The Question Of Every Trying To Conceive Mom

It’s the epitome of trying to conceive. The question you ask yourself every month. When do I ovulate?

Your body can seem like a puzzle you’ll never solve. Cycle length all over the place, mood swings are out of control, and energy levels are at an all-time low.

Your hormones are running the show. And it feels like a mess. How can you ever figure out with certainty when your fertile window occurs when your body doesn’t make sense?

In my opinion, this is the beauty of our bodies. Every little cell is intricately working together. Regulated by hormones, specifically designed to make sure your unique body has what it needs.

In this blog, I’m going to give you in-depth explanations of your cycle divided into three parts. It will help you have a better understanding of your body. And a good understanding of your cycle will help you to track your fertile window and ovulation.

What happens in your body?

Pre-ovulation Ovulation Post-ovulation
During the first part of your cycle, you’re not fertile. Your body is readying itself to prepare for a potential pregnancy. Your period plays a key role in this.  The second part of your cycle: the fertile window and ovulation. During this time, your chances of conceiving are highest. The perfect time to plan the baby dance.  The third and final part of your cycle. If you conceived during the second part, the fetus will make a home for itself in your uterus. If you didn’t, your body starts shedding the remnants of the unfertilized egg. 

Which hormone is responsible?

Pre-ovulation Ovulation Post-ovulation
Low levels of estrogen. You'll notice a second line appearing on your test strip. Gradually increasing in intensity. After your ovulation, the result of the LH tests will return to negative with only one line visible.

What about the result of your OPK tests?

Pre-ovulation Ovulation; Post-ovulation
The result of your OPK will be negative with only one line. The threshold of hormones is not yet reached. You'll notice a second line appearing on your test strip. Gradually increasing in intensity.  After your ovulation, the result of the LH tests will return to negative with only one line visible. 

How do you feel?

Pre-ovulation Ovulation Post-ovulation
During your period, you may feel fatigued. At the end of your period, your energy levels start to rise. You may feel sexy and optimistic. Your energy levels peak, making you feel happier in general. You may experience typical PMS symptoms, such as intensifying of emotions. You feel bloated and sluggish.


Now you know why your cycle looks the way it does. It will be easier to identify your ovulation. Learn more about OPK'ing in this blog.  

Try iProven's Ovulation Predictor Kit FL-35 and identify your fertile window and ovulation with ease. 



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