Waiting is a thing of the past with our DTR-1221AWG thermometer. The display will show your temperature in no time at all. In just 10 seconds, the thermometer will give you your temperature along with a fever indication.

Whenever you are feeling under the weather, the smiley on the side of the display will match your physical well-being with a smile or a frown.

The secret of a comfortable experience lies in the soft and flexible tip of our thermometer. Whether you prefer to measure orally or rectally, the soft and flexible material of the tip ensures comfort while measuring.

Waterproof and easy to clean. Moms know that counts for something. During flu season, the last thing you want is to have another sick child just because the thermometer had some bacteria clinging to it.     

Another feature for the mommies is the DTR-1221AWG’s soft beep. If you need to take your little one’s fever at night, the last thing you want is to wake anyone up. The fever alarm is delicate and yet perfectly audible.

With its speed, comfort, memory function and storage case, iProven's DTR-1221AWG makes for a perfect family companion in times of need.