The Fascinating Science Of Body Temperature

The temperature of your body has a lot to tell about your general health. For example, the way you burn up with a fever when your body is fighting an infection. It lets you know to stay in bed and let your body do the hard work until you return to your healthy old self again. 

It’s not just a fever that lets you catch a glimpse of your body’s health status. Everyday fluctuations in temperature are like a treasure chest of information about your body. It can tell you about your metabolism, your sleep cycle, and so much more. Even if you are lying.  

Tracking your temperature and learning more about your body can be a fascinating experiment. All you need is a digital thermometer, like the DTR-1221 BG, and monitoring your temperature becomes a piece of cake. The oral thermometer measures in just 10 seconds! 

Here’s What Your Temperature Has To Say About Your Health:

Have you heard of the Pinocchio Effect? When researchers at a Spanish university found that the temperature of your nose increases when you tell a lie, they dubbed it the Pinocchio Effect*. (Disney was onto something!) 

Are you never able to get out of bed in the morning? Your temperature might be to blame. While you sleep, your temperature decreases. At your lowest temperature, you are most sleepy. If you are a morning person, you reach your lowest temperature much earlier than if you are an evening person**.

Keeping track of your temperature is vital when the flu is running rampant during the winter. Even when you’re not in bed shivering with a fever, your body temperature has to tell you a ton about your health.




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