iProvèn’s Dual Mode Thermometer is the perfect family companion. In times of runny noses and feverish foreheads, the thermometer conveniently measures the temperature of both adults and children. It takes only a second to measure your temperature accurately. Nothing more. Nothing less. It guarantees a great user experience.  

With both a forehead and an ear function, the DMT-489WG is an essential gadget in every household. And I think young moms and dads will agree. Because what’s worse than waking up your feverish little one in the middle of the night to take its temperature? With iProvèn’s DMT-489WG you never have to worry again. The thermometer is quiet; your little one will never notice its soft beep or the swipe across the forehead.  

iProvèn’s Dual Mode Thermometer guarantees a simple and easy measuring experience. Use the forehead function for a quick indication. Or use the ear function for the most accurate reading. Whether you prefer the forehead or ear function, the temperature appears within seconds on the display.

Even better—it’s possible to read a measurement in the darkness of the bedroom due to the backlit display. If your temperature is elevated or if you have a fever, the display will light up red instead of green to indicate this.  

iProvèn’s team has worked hard to develop the DMT-489WG. The time and effort invested in fine-tuning the thermometer have finally paid off. We are certain you will love our high-quality thermometer. It’s an absolute must in your household.