iProvèn’s BPM-2244BT: Track your blood pressure

Recapture your health and take control of your blood pressure with our BPM-2244BT

If you are on doctor’s orders to measure your BP regularly, you know that accuracy and consistency is the foundation of any good BP monitor. This why we equipped our device with Double Pulse Detection Algorithm (DPDA) and Movement Detection. So that you can always be sure of a reliable reading.

No more arm crushing!
Remember going to the doctor’s for a quick BP measurement and feeling like your arm almost died? We want to give you a comfortable measurement experience! The BPM-2244BT measures during inflation. This will help the cuff to feel a little less tight.

We added the color indicators of the American Heart Association to the BPM-2244BT to help you determine to which category your BP belongs. Green signifies happy and healthy. Always aim for green!

We developed a free health app that will arm you with vital insights in the course of your BP. In one concise chart, you’ll know if your BP is within the healthy range-or making good progress! Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.