How To Finally Follow The 30-Minutes-Of-Exercise-A-Day Advice

Recommended Number of Minutes of Exercise

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise. Now where have I heard this advice before? Oh, right. EVERYWHERE! 

"Stay Active!"

Staying active has become the most common advice in response to any and all health issues. Your back is killing you? Go on a run. Having a cold for the third time this year? Maybe you should go to the gym. Griping about allergies? Why, exercising might help. 

Everyday, we get bombarded with this well-meant yet unsolicited advice. So why is it that most of us identify themselves as couch potatoes? It’s like the holy grail of happily ever after, but it’s just out of reach. So close. Yet so far away… 

Let’s start with the question why exercise is important. Here are 5 reasons why you should make exercising a priority.

When you exercise regularly, you are… 

  • Less likely to develop heart disease or diabetes type 2.
  • Happier! It improves your mood and it helps you to deal with stress. 
  • Making it easier for yourself to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Keeping your brain sharp. You’ll feel more focused and productive.
  • Sleeping better.

Alright. Alright. Physical activity is important. Vital even. So how do I go from couch potato to an active adult?

Here’s iProven’s #1 tip

Make exercise a part of your daily routine. That's it. That’s the trick! Squeeze in those minutes of exercise until it’s so deeply ingrained into your life that you don’t even remember how you went without it. 

Here are some tips from the iProven team. This is how we stay active no matter what our schedules throw at us:

Matthew: Graphic Designer at iProven HQ

“A desk job is your exercise’s worst enemy. So I got a standing desk. It helps me to get at least some activity in while I stand around and work. You automatically move around more while standing. But if a standing desk is not your thing, you could try a walking meeting. Apparently, it really helps with creative thinking. AND, you get a few minutes of physical activity in.”

Sam: Content Creator at iProven HQ

“Keep exercising fun. I like to do 30-day challenges. Like the 10.000 steps a day challenge. An app on my phone keeps track of the number of steps I take. And trust me, 10.000 steps is a lot more than it sounds. It’s around 5 miles and the first time I attempted this challenge, I only had a little over 7.000 steps when I went to bed. Which was still more than my average of 4.000 steps. So I had to get creative! Taking the stairs, getting off the bus one stop earlier, taking a walk with colleagues during lunch break. But that’s what keeps exercising fun!”

Alize: Communication Specialist at iProven HQ

“Find a buddy to keep you motivated. Working out alone just isn’t as fun as working out together. Plus, you’ll have someone who understands how tough exercising actually is. For me, the most important reason to get a workout buddy is for accountability. Even when I’m feeling lazy and the last thing I want is exercising, I know that my buddy is counting on me and I can’t let her down. We keep each other on track and make sure we never miss a workout!”