Best Disposable Probe Covers for Digital Thermometer, 50 Count - iProven PC-111

Best Disposable Probe Covers for Digital Thermometer, 50 Count - iProven PC-111

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You’ve discovered the best disposable digital thermometer probe covers on the market.

Why use probe covers?
You may be new to this product, however, the idea is easy. Rather than putting a

thermometer under your tongue – after someone else may have put that thermometer elsewhere – you want to be certain there aren’t any germs left on the probe, right? Well, that’s exactly what probe covers are for. Instead of putting the bare thermometer probe in the mouth area, you put a ‘jacket’ around it to keep the thermometer clean and to ensure that whatever’s on the thermometer won’t end up in the mouth area. Or anywhere else. Which means peace of mind. Additionally, it eliminates the need to purchase multiple separate thermometers for everybody inside your household. Everyone simply uses a brand-new probe cover.

Just how do iProven probe covers stand out from the competition?
That’s a simple one. iProven paid special attention to three important focus areas that are necessary for any good probe cover:

Sterility an accuracy: An excellent probe cover keeps germs out, without losing the thermometer’s accuracy.

Easy opening and application. Each time you use a cover, you won’t spoil three of them trying to figure out how they work.

Affordable cost: Off course, quality comes at a price. But hey, there are limits! We developed our probe covers with each of these elements in mind.

As any Digital thermometer will fully admit, “iProven covers are a great fit”.


  • 50 sterile thermometer probe covers as used in hospitals and health-related environments – Made from high-quality materials. The thermometer covers are sealed in a protective sterile seal.
  • Why you'll need thermometer covers – A clean and sterile thermometer is crucial. With disposable covers, you are able to keep your thermometer clean without alcohol and you can keep it sterile without messing with liquids.
  • Simple to use – Almost any thermometer slides effortlessly into the cover. Simply proceed with the images on packaging and you're all set: The cover comes off effortlessly without breaking. Peel off the paper front and back seal. Place the thermometer tip in the preferred measurement position. When the measurement is finished, take away the cover and dispose of it. The thermometer will stay clean.
  • Universal – These covers can be used on numerous thermometers. Please verify the probe of your thermometer is similar to the shape like the pictures.
  • Especially recommended whenever multiple individuals use a thermometer in a single household.

    iProven's 100-100 policy
    We are 100% sure that you will love the iProven PC-111. If for whatever reason you will not, you will get a full refund within 100 days after your purchase. No questions asked.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Fit well, Don't tear - already bought another pack.

    Great covers, fit very very wellThick enough and don't tear.They don't interfere with the accuracy of the reading at all.

    Five Stars


    Needs a better dispensing method

    Dispenser is a bit difficult to use, other that the covers works as intended.

    ... it with a MABIS Basal Thermometer and it works great. Its just a basic oral thermometer cover...

    I use it with a MABIS Basal Thermometer and it works great. Its just a basic oral thermometer cover so unless you have a weird one it should work for you. They are all individually wrapped so no worries about cleanliness and you just slide the tip of the thermometer in between the papers and peel them off, so you never have to touch it if you dont want to.

    Five Stars

    Good covers