What Is The Best Thermometer For Newborns?

It’s inevitable, and parents know it: with the arrival of a newborn, parents need to have a reliable thermometer. Especially in newborns, a fever can be pretty tricky. But what type of thermometer is best? And how can parents take their newborn’s temperature with the least amount of discomfort - for themselves and for their babies?

Most healthcare professionals recommend using a rectal thermometer for babies up to 3 months. But even for kids up to 3 years, rectal thermometers are the preferred way of measuring. The reason for this: rectal measurements give the most accurate indication of the core body temperature.

Most parents are also afraid that rectal measurements are the least comfortable way of taking temperatures. They are scared to hurt their babies while inserting the tip. And - at least for some thermometers - measurements may take up to 1 or even 2 minutes!

An ear or forehead thermometer may seem the ideal solution: quick, comfortable and easy to use. Unfortunately, the probe of an ear thermometer is too large for the ears of a newborn. Forehead thermometers can be an alternative, but these are considered less reliable than rectal or ear thermometers. When your little one is still young, taking temperatures orally is also unreliable, because it’s hard for them not to move and keep their mouth closed when measuring.

That leaves parents with rectal thermometers. And with the question: are they indeed as uncomfortable as most people think

Luckily, there are also rectal thermometers that have been designed with parents and their newborns in mind. These thermometers are quick, have a flexible tip for better comfort, and are waterproof for easy cleaning and disinfecting. One of the most recent models that have just been released is iProven’s DTR-1221 BGW. It measures temperature in 10 seconds only, has a flexible and waterproof tip, comes with a fever indicator and a free hard case for easy storage.

Rectal Baby Thermometer

Now, what about rectal use for babies? It may still seem uncomfortable, but inserting the tip can also be made more comfortable when parents apply a bit of baby oil or petroleum jelly to the tip. Considered the accuracy of rectal thermometers in general, and the ease of use of this specific thermometer, is the perfect gift for baby showers. It will be the go-to tool for young parents who want a reliable thermometer without compromising on the ease of use.