The DTR-1221P Baby Thermometer: Behind the Scenes

Here's what goes into designing a baby thermometer

Designing a baby thermometer may seem an easy and straightforward task. You know what you want: an accurate thermometer that gives a reliable temperature reading. If you know how to apply the right technology, how hard can it be?

I can tell you… there’s a lot more to it! In this ‘behind the scenes’ blog, I want to share some more details on how the development and launch of our baby thermometer, the DTR-1221P, took place.

The first thing you decide before you start thinking about how fast your new thermometer should be, or what color you want to give it, is: for who is this thermometer? Will it be adults who take a measurement orally? Or is it for newborns, for whom rectal measurements are recommended?

As you can judge by the color, this thermometer is a real baby thermometer. So that made a lot of other decisions easier!

Let’s just mention a few examples:

  • For newborns, rectal temperature measurements are recommended. But for your fussy, feverish newborn, a temperature measurement should also last as short as possible. That’s why this baby thermometer is super quick: it gives you a reading in 10 seconds only!
  • Talking about fussy babies: a flexible tip is a lot more comfortable for your infant. That’s why we decided to make the tip as small and flexible as possible.
  • When your newborn has a fever, you as parents have a lot on your minds. The last thing you want is to worry about cleaning or disinfecting a thermometer. This thermometer has a waterproof tip, so it’s just a breeze to keep it clean and hygienic.

Oh, and the color? If you’re expecting a girl and want to go all out with a pink nursery, why not complete it with a beautiful pink digital thermometer? Or if your BFF is expecting a girl, why not surprise her with this charming (and accurate!) baby thermometer on her baby shower?

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