Blood Pressure Monitor BPM-634 WG

The Newest Blood Pressure Monitor is for sale on Amazon now. 

Take your health into your own hands with the BPM-634 WG
Accuracy and consistency is the foundation of any good BP monitor. If you measure your blood pressure regularly, you know that better than anyone. We developed our compact and easy-to-use monitor with the Oscillographic Measurement Mode. This ensures accurate, quick and pain-free readings.

Stay on top of your progress
Our monitor stores up to 60 measurements. If you’ve done the math; you’ll be able to look back up to 2 months when measuring daily! This function will give you helpful insights into your progress.

No more arm crushing!
Say no to regular BPs that make your arm feel like it’s about to die! A hassle-free measurement experience is only one click away. Our monitor measures during inflation and is designed to give you a comfortable measurement experience! This function will make sure the cuff is not so tight to feel uncomfortable.