iProvèn’s Triple Mode Thermometer is designed with mommies in mind. The team has worked tirelessly over the newest addition to iProvèn’s range that includes all the features of a thermometer moms dream of. And the result is finally here.

iProvèn’s TMT-215 is a sight to be seen. With its soft green color, it will look lovely in a baby's bedroom. With the included sleek gift box and soft pouch, you can give it to your expecting friend or sister during the baby shower. We promise they'll be delighted with iProvèn’s TMT-215.

However, you don't want your baby's thermometer to be just pretty, don't you? It needs more than an aesthetically pleasing appearance!

One invaluable feature of iProvèn's new thermometer is the mute button. And why is it invaluable? Well, do you get up in the middle of the night and every sound you make seems to be 10 times magnified? Now, imagine measuring your feverish baby's forehead with a thermometer that beeps loud enough to wake up the whole house. Not something a thermometer made of mom's dreams should include. That's why we included a mute button. Your little one will never know you took its temperature in the middle of the night!      

iProvèn's TMT-215 can both measure your baby's temperature by a quick swipe across the forehead and by ear. The forehead mode will give you a quick indication while the ear mode will provide you a precise measurement within a second.  

iProvèn's TMT-215 also includes an amazing third function. One you'll find to be indispensable as a mom of a teeny-tiny human. The third function—object mode—will measure the temperature of anything. Whether you need to know if baby's bottle is exactly the right temperature or the temperature of baby's bath, iProvèn's TMT-215 will give you an accurate measurement within a second.

On top of this all, TMT-215 will help you to understand the temperature as shown on the display. The display will light up green if the temperature is normal and light up red if the temperature is elevated. Take a look in the manual to see what you can do if your baby has a fever.  

Be prepared for fever to hit with iProvèn's TMT-215 and experience all the benefits of the new thermometer yourself!