iProvèn’s OXI-27 BLUE: Keep a close eye on your health

iProvèn’s OXI-27 BLUE: The companion for reaching your health goals 

Our OXI-27 will help you to gain insights into your SpO2 and pulse rate. When your goal is to improve your health and lead a more active life, our OXI-27 will be here for you. It displays your saturation level and pulse rate continuously, designed to help you keep track of your health whether you are working out, sitting still, or somewhere in between.

The OXI-27 is precision-engineered to never leave you wondering again about your saturation and pulse rate. The display includes a bar graph to indicate the strength of your heartbeat. A full bar graph signifies a strong and steady heartbeat—that's what you want to aim for!

Our OXI-27 is equipped with a tiny loophole. And—by a twist of fate—the lanyard included in your purchase fits perfectly in the loophole. Now you can keep track of your measurements wherever you go without losing your brand new oximeter.

The OXI-27 is your reliable companion when you are trying to improve your health. Now available on Amazon