iProvèn’s FK-127s: Take Charge Of Your Cycle And Track Your Fertility

The FK-127s combines 50 LH test strips with 20 hCG test strips. When you and your husband are trying to conceive, accurate and consistent LH tests are a must. Our tried-and-true LH tests are able to detect up to 25mIU/ml in your urine. When a positive result appears on your strip, it signifies that you are in the most fertile time of your cycle. During this time, your chances of conceiving are highest. 

And then... The dreaded 2 weeks wait. Luckily, we developed accurate hCG tests that are able to detect up to 10mIU/ml in your urine. This means you can test a few days before you'd expect your new cycle to start. Keep in mind that the hCG tests are 99% accurate on the expected cycle day 1.

iProvèn’s FK-127s is simple and easy to use. It operates under a collect-dip-see procedure. It works like this: Collect urine in a clean and dry container; dip the test strip in your urine for 5 seconds; see the results within 3 minutes.

With iProvèn’s FK-127s you will learn more about your body and reproductive life than you ever thought possible. This knowledge will help you to be aware of the signs of your body’s fertility. Natural family planning is made accurate and convenient with the iProvèn Fertility Kit as your guide.