Only a few days per cycle will you be able to get pregnant. During your fertile window—the days leading up to your ovulation and the day of your ovulation itself. For most women, it’s only four days per cycle. When you’re trying for a baby, it’s more than helpful to know when those days might be.

That’s where iProvèn’s FK-127 comes into play. The Fertility Kit contains 50 LH test strips. The test strips have optimal sensitivity to determine a possible LH surge in your body. Two lines on the test trip indicate that your ovulation is rapidly approaching—the perfect time to babydance!

The Fertility Kit also comes with 20 hCG test strips. If you suspect that you are pregnant, you can take one of the test strips. When testing on the day of your expected period, the result will be 99% accurate! iProven’s hCG test strips are ultra-sensitive and can detect even the smallest amount of the hormone in your urine. From 10mIU/ml, the result will be ‘pregnant.’

iProvèn’s FK-127 is simple and easy to use. It operates under a collect-dip-see procedure. It works like this: Collect urine in a clean and dry container; dip the test strip in your urine for 5 seconds; see the results within 3 minutes.

With iProvèn’s FK-127 you will learn more about your body and reproductive life than you ever thought possible. This knowledge will help you to be aware of the signs of your body’s fertility. Natural family planning is made accurate and convenient with the iProvèn Fertility Kit as your guide.