iProvèn’s DTR-1221BG: The Thermometer For Dads Who Protect Their Family

Our fastest thermometer yet will give you your temperature within 10 seconds along with a fever indication. Waiting becomes a thing of the past with the DTR-1221BG!

The fever indication takes the guesswork out of taking your little one's fever. Should you keep them home from school? With a smile on the side of the display, the thermometer indications a normal temperature with a smile and a fever with a frown. It's as easy as that!

The DTR-1221BG is also equipped with a soft beep to make measuring in the middle of the night a non-issue. No one else will wake up from a temperature being taken!

To make using the DTR-1221BG even more convenient, the thermometer is waterproof, making it easy to clean. And you lower the risk of spreading germs.

With its speed, comfort, memory function and storage case, iProven's DTR-1221BG is the essential gadget in every household.