iProvèn’s DT-R1221P: Our Fastest Thermometer Now Convenient And Comfortable For Babies

iProvèn’s DT-R1221P Thermometer is the perfect family companion. In times of runny noses and feverish foreheads, the thermometer conveniently measures the temperature of your little ones. The flexible tip makes it a comfortable and painless experience. As a mom, at least you have one thing less to worry about.

The DT-R1221P is waterproof. You can easily clean it after every use to lower the risk of spreading germs. 

As a mom, the last thing you want is worrying and waiting until the thermometer gives you the correct temperature of your baby.

Well, the worrying and waiting is a thing of the past with the DT-R1221P. In only 10 seconds, the temperature appears on the display.

Not only gives the DT-R1221P speedy temperatures but also provides a fever indication in the form of a smiley. A smile? No worries, your baby is probably fever-free! A frown? Time to take action. Your baby may be under the weather with an elevated temperature.

Our tried-and-true thermometer gives you accurate temperatures time after time. It's the essential in every household.