iProven's newest fertility product!

Welcome to this exciting new phase in your life!

Nothing is more exciting than trying to welcome a new life into your family. It can be stressful at times too. What if a positive test doesn’t come as quickly as you’d hoped for?

Whether you just started your TTC journey, or you’re on the road for a little bit longer. A reliable pregnancy test is a must. That’s why we developed the FMH-139 with an accuracy of 99%. The FMH-139 is able to detect even the smallest amount of hCG in your urine. If the test detects 25mIU/ml or more hCG, the result will be positive.

Can’t you believe you finally have that Big Fat Positive? Just test again. Enough tests in the box to confirm the result! With the extra tests in the box, you can double- or even triple check.