iProven expanded its family once again with a new fertility product. The hCG midstream pregnancy test is a perfect addition to the fertility kit—a product including both hCG and LH test strips—designed with mommies-to-be in mind.
iProven’s FMH-139 is 99% accurate if tested on cycle day one—the day you would normally expect your period to start. How does the test work? Good question! When you are pregnant, your body starts to produce the infamous pregnancy hormone hCG. The test is able to detect even the smallest amount of hCG in your urine. If the test detects 25mIU/ml or more hCG in your urine, the result will be positive.
Read the result from the window within 3 to 5 minutes of testing. A control line must be present on the right side of the window. This line shows the test has worked. Don’t worry if the lines in your window are lighter or darker; if two lines appear—no matter the shade—the result is ‘pregnant.’
Something you don’t want to miss—iProven’s FMH-139 has a pink cap that also fits on the white end! It will make testing even easier! Simply remove the cap and place it on the other end to lengthen the test. This will help you to prevent a messy situation where there’s urine all over your hand instead of on the test!