iProvèn is proud to announce their latest addition to the family: the Triple Mode Thermometer TMT-215! If you already tried one of their dual-mode thermometers, you’ll most certainly love this new family member. It combines the traditional ear- and forehead mode with the object mode: a way to measure the temperature of a room, a bottle or a baby bath.

When you have a mini-me around the house, you want to be sure you’re able to perform a fever measurement in a quick and pain-free way. Just a scan on the forehead is enough to get a good temperature indication. This is also the preferred way of measuring for babies younger than 6 months. For older babies and for more accurate measurements, you can select the ear mode.

The object mode makes this thermometer complete. It allows you to check the temperature of a bottle, bath or bed. But did you know it also has a mute function? I wish I had this device when my two boys were still little! Of course, I often took their temperature when they were asleep, but I was always scared that the loud beep would wake them up! Well, no reason to worry about that anymore. And the best is: with the backlit display you can even read the results when it’s dark in their room!

With the memory function, you can save up to 20 measurements. So you’ll be able to track how the temperature of your little one develops. It comes in a handy pouch, so you can store the thermometer easily and keep it clean. Did you know a clean thermometer lens is essential for correct readings? If the lens of the probe is dirty, measurements may be inaccurate. You can use a disinfecting wipe to clean it.

Read the manual to learn all the details about iProvèn's new addition. Alice, from the iProvèn team, will take you by the hand and show you the best way to take accurate measurements. Oh, and by the way: the manual is also really pretty!